Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Surveying a Linux System, Part 1 - Hardware

I am called to work on Linux systems only occasionally, which is unfortunate since it is a very versatile and useful OS that should warrant more of my time.

In many instances the request has been to survey a Linux box, and as usual I'm searching Bing and Google for commands. Here's the first of three parts, starting with hardware, in which I share my compiled list for getting info from a Linux system. BTW, you may need to run some of these as root and your mileage may vary, since not all distros are alike.

CPU Information
# cat /proc/cpuinfo

Amount of Memory
# cat /proc/meminfo

Hard Disks
# df -h

Check PCI Buses and Devices
# lspci

Check USB Buses and Devices
# lsusb

Crazy amount of Hardware Data
# dmesg | less

Next up, software (as related to the OS and configuration).

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