Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disable Prius Beeping when in Reverse

If you have a Prius, there's a good chance you are annoyed by the constant beeping when you put the car in reverse. I can understand if it's heard outside the car, since it's almost completely silent when in electric mode, but it only alerts the passengers in the vehicle. Since selling my Corvette, I've been driving my wife's Prius a lot and the beeping was beginning to really grate on me...

After a few searches, here's what I found (read the steps once before attempting, some of them are time dependent).

  1. Start the car with your foot on the brake as usual.

  2. Press the ODO button until "ODO" appears on the dash display. (If it's already present, cycle around once to display it again.)

  3. Turn the car off.

  4. Again with your foot on the brake, press POWER to restart your Prius.

  5. Within 6 seconds of starting, press and hold the ODO button for 10 seconds and don't release it.

  6. You're still holding the ODO button after 10 seconds, right? Now shift the car into Reverse and quickly press the Park button. You may now release the ODO button.

  7. The odometer display should now show "b on" (if not, start over).

  8. Press the ODO button until the display shows "b off."

  9. Turn the car off by pressing the POWER button.

  10. Start your Prius now, put it reverse and enjoy the silence.

Note: This is supposed to work only with US models, so if you're abroad it's up to the kindness of your dealer. And I've only tested this on a 2009 Prius, so your mileage may vary :)

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