Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Freeware Utilities

I'm always looking for more utilities to add to my arsenal for scripting, automating and generally freeing up time for other tasks, like sipping a fresh coffee ;^)

Over the past few months I've been pointed to, or found, four more sites chock full of tasty utilities.

  • AnalogX has a varied collection covering network, system, programming, even audio utilities.

  • joeware has a whole pile of free tools, many related to Active Directory, account management and networking.

  • NirSoft has an impressive array of tools for forensics, networking, systems, passwords and a whole lot more. They also have a blog so you can keep posted on updates and additions.

  • Optimum X has a decent list of network, software and login utilities. Although some are a bit long in the tooth (one is from 9/98), there's still some gold here.

These should keep you busy for at least a few minutes. And as always they're my favorite price, free.

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