Updated: 19-07-2024, from my home in Charneca da Caparica, Portugal.

(This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' project,

🏎️ Cars and Sightseeing

Now that I'm home for a while I'm trying to buy my next fun car, a Ford Focus RS. They are very expensive in Portugal, but the rest of EU has most of them at a steep discount of €10k or more. Ideally I'll find one in a cool country like Germany and get to drive it back from there.

Spent some time at Circuito do Estoril last weekend to take pictures of supercars and watch them speed by. It was a very nice day for collecting shots for IG.

We also have a dear friend visiting, so now we're doing more sightseeing around the greater Lisbon area. Seeing cool places both new and old for us residents. It's always a pleasure spending time with good people 😊

✅ Changing Priorities 

Since moving to Portugal over one year ago, health and fitness has been a more prevalent feature of my life. Weight training and cardio are top priorities, especially with all the tasty food and wine here.

Learning Português and integrating into the culture seems an unending process, but the challenges and changes are great for an aging brain like mine.

And I'm usually not the most focused individual, so I've been trying KanbanFlow (the umpteenth app or method), to keep my projects and life moving forward. It isn't exactly passing the test of time. Soon I'll be onto the next one.

📚 Publishing Projects

Lovecraftian horror short story (now on the 2nd draft).

Pathfinder 2 version of the Libram of Lists (now formatting new content)

A collection of tales about kooky things that happened at work.

A book of "cool words" inspired by the excellent Raging Swan Press

🛝 Diversions

Against All Odds, a military sci-fi book by Jeffery H. Haskell. Not too far in, but seems okay so far. Maybe a few too many clichés, we'll see...

Under Alien Skies, a fun tour of the universe (well, just some of it), but the excellent Philip Plait, PhD, of Bad Astronomy. While it contains super-fun space stuff, it's also research for a hard science RPG I hope to run later this year.

Tiamat's Wrath, the eighth Expanse audiobook. One of my favorite all-time Sci-Fi series (TV was darn good too). And the narration by Jefferson Mays is topnotch.

The Drive, Peter Attia MD's excellent podcast on medicine related to healthspan (not necessarily how long you live, which is also important, but the quality of your life). I feel smarter just for listening.

🕸 Sites and Social

D&D 3.5e SRD: My contribution to the community, by hosting an updated version of the site, for the best version of Dungeons and Dragons (IMHO).

Urban Realms: Where my wife and I hock our wares.

Instagram: Oft neglected feed of my photos (all cars).

My one article on Medium about what D&D did for me.

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