Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ok, so I've signed up for Twitter and I'm still wondering what the point actually is. Most of the posts I'm seeing are about having a sandwich, attending a meeting, flying home, etc. I've been posting once or twice a day, "working on blog", "trying to get AdSense to work", "going home for the weekend". Does anyone really need to know this stuff? Maybe I'm not following the most interesting folks, but it seems lame so far.

 Perhaps others are getting more out of it, I know it was a font of information after a recent natural disaster. But I wonder if it was in the vein of "picking up my stuff" and "turning the coach back over and I found some loose change". Hopefully someone can post a few reasons why one would continue Twitting. I'll keep using it for a while, but if it doesn't start becoming useful in a few weeks, I'm done.

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