Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Network Card Unseen

Today I was examining a customer's Lenovo X60 which failed to see its internal network card in the Windows Device Manager. It recently returned from having the motherboard replaced (cola was spilled into the keyboard).

After trying to get Windows XP to discover the device for a few minutes, I rebooted, went into the BIOS (use F1, not the blue ThinkVantage button) and reset the BIOS to defaults. Once it rebooted, Windows found and automatically installed the NIC driver. Problem solved.


  1. Hey!

    My boss just got a new Lenovo laptop... one of the little ones. The wireless has been flaky since he got it. Works for a while, then craps out. This sounds a bit different than what you saw. Do you think it's worth trying the bios thing? It feels like a hardware problem to me.

    Great blog!


  2. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the first comment!

    I would advise your boss to run the ThinkVantage System Update (on the Start menu) for the latest WLAN drivers and connection management software. It may not hurt to see if there are any power mgmt updates as well, in case the power is being modulated incorrectly when it's trying to save energy.

    Hope that helps.