Saturday, September 27, 2008

IM Chattin' Part Deux

Well it's not been quite two weeks since I've started using Miranda IM and I've made the decision to go back to Trillan. The plan was to unify all my chat clients and that was Miranda IM's promise, but all it did was add more work for me.

The install and configuration was lackluster, it didn't really like to stay online and I had to click an "Allow" prompt for Miranda IM to interface with Skype (which had to be running), everytime the client started. The main reason for trying the new chat client was software unification, so not only did I have to run Skype, but I had to acknowledge access for the Skype plugin. This left me asking, "Why should I need to be involved in this?"; it should be seemless and happen without any input on my part.

So aside from the dull interface, I suppose Miranda IM is an okay multi-platform client (if you don't need the Skype plugin), but for the price Trillian Basic is still the way to go.

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