Friday, November 4, 2011

So how much does my Nook weigh?

I knew it! Every time I put content on my Nook Color it becomes heavier and heavier. I already have 4GB of data on it and the extra .000000000000000001 grams is killing me. (It weighs 15.8 ounces, before adding all that heavy content.)

And this is precisely why I have an eReader. The Nook Color allows me to carry a whole library of IT titles as well as works from every spectrum of printed media, without braking my back or ruining my gas mileage (a former colleague carried about fifteen fat UNIX books in the back of his car everywhere).

I'm not saying that the Nook Color is the best choice, but when I bought mine, it was the only color, non-iPad choice at (or under) $250 that was worth anything. Given a choice today, it would be the Kindle Fire, although Barnes & Noble does have an announcement pending... (Maybe my wife would like a slightly used and loaded Nook Color, it's not very heavy.)

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