Monday, July 6, 2009

Windows 7 Beta to RC Upgrade

Thanks to the MakeTechEasier blog for this tip which saves a full reinstall when upgrading from Windows 7 Beta to the latest RC. This is unsupported by Microsoft, but since it is a release candidate I think you can fudge on the need fom a fresh install. I've already installed quite a bit of software on the beta version and don't intend to relive that experience until Windows 7 is officially released.

In a nutshell the process to follow is to copy the full Windows 7 RC disk to the local system disk, edit the cversion.ini file in the Sources folder: the second line for the minimum client build number needs to be changed to the beta currently installed, in my case it was 7068. Go back to the disk's root directory and launch Setup and follow the usual prompts to upgrade.

Now back to testing and exploring Windows 7; there's a lot of good stuff so far...

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