Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Meraki VPN Client Issues

Not sure what's up with Meraki and the native Windows 10 VPN, but there are weird issues that seem to occur.

A couple of fixes I found to work:

Not really a "fix", but reset the account password on the Meraki site > Network-wide > Configure > Users page (and don't forget the save the change).  This is a weird one, because when I originally create an account, the password is set and emailed out, but yet the password is incorrect.  Not sure if this is a browser-related issue or on their back-end, either way this has happened to me five times now of the last couple years.

This was something I found today, starting the old school app at the command line.
C:\Windows\System32\rasphone.exe -d “connection-name
And you may need to run it a second time, as I've had it fail to find the path the first time.  And should it connect properly, the "new" Windows 10 way of connecting from the network icon should work after that.
~ And a shout out to Phil Eddies for this last one.

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