My name is Tom Thrush, I was an IT guy for over twenty-five (twenty of those as a consultant) and have worked for over 110 companies in the San Francisco Bay area. I was self-employed, supporting Linux, Windows, Xen, VMware, Cisco, and Dell systems and networks. So much to learn and still have a life…

  Speaking of life… I retired a couple of years ago and now live in Portugal with my wonderful and talented wife.

  My interests, aside from computing, are track days, although I now lack a track-worthy car, watching Formula 1, travel, playing games on my PS5, and role-playing games. The last one is where the domain name comes from, Meltivore was a major villain in a game I ran many years ago. (Yikes! It’s been more than 42 years since then.)

 We also have an online shop selling our wares at Urban Realms and host a ruleset for playing the 3.5E version of Dungeons and Dragons (the best version IMHO).

 I created this blog to share what I have learned, and continue to learn, in the IT world. I’m enjoying the fact that it also serves as a creative outlet, as I enjoy writing but spend little time in steady pursuit of any publishable work (although I did finally publish a gaming book in 2022).

 I hope to provide something worthwhile here, please feel free to make suggestions and participate in the process by leaving comments.

    Best regards,


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