My name is Tom Thrush, I’ve been an IT guy for over twenty years (sixteen of those as a consultant) and have worked for over 100 companies in the San Francisco Bay area. I’m self-employed, supporting Linux, Windows, Xen, VMware, Cisco, and Dell systems and networks. So much to learn and still have a life…

  Speaking of life… I live in San Jose, as it is said, “the heart of Silicon Valley”, with my wonderful and talented wife and our cat, Pippin, who specializes in sleep.

  My interests, aside from computing, are track days with my silver 2019 Z06, watching Formula 1, playing games on my Xbox One, and role playing games. The last one is where the domain name comes from, Meltivore was a major villain in a game I ran many years ago. (Yikes! It’s been more than 37 years since then.)

 I created this blog as a way to share what I have learned and continue to learn in the IT world. I’m enjoying the fact that it also serves as a creative outlet, as I enjoy writing but spend little time in steady pursuit of any publishable work (I have seven books started, none have more than nine chapters).

 I hope to provide something worthwhile here, please feel free to make suggestions and participate in the process by leaving comments.

    Best regards,


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