Friday, May 25, 2012

Dell Server Parts

Recently a customer's Dell PowerEdge T105 blew out its power supply. Too bad the three-year warranty ended just four months ago.

What to do? Call Dell with credit card in hand...and proceed with being transferred all over because you're out of warranty. Normally I'm very happy with Dell support, but I guess you're treated well when you are still in warranty.

Where else can you go when you need parts and they've stopped making them or cost too much from Dell? You can go with eBay and take your chances, or go to either Server Supply or Velocity Tech Solutions. You can even get real warranties on the parts.

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  1. Hi Meltivore, Thank you for your recommendation. If you haven't been to our site recently we have many of the latest and greatest Dell Servers in out stocking warehouse. Take a look, oh and by the way we have a 1 Year warranty on all Servers and Parts!