Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's in my backpack?

Every time I'm heading out the door, I throw a heavy backpack over my shoulder and drop it into my car with a thud.

What's in this bag I lug around to each client? Of course there's my HP tc4400 Tablet PC and battery charger, but there's a whole lot more, in no particular order:

  • Small TechNet binder (Contents will be another post).

  • An assortment of small screwdrivers for laptops and PCs alike

  • Cables: 7' Ethernet, Cisco serial, USB to PS2 converter, USB to serial, iPhone charger

  • 160 external hard drive, USB (for moving files and dumping images)

  • Leatherman

  • A small handful of unlabeled customer access badges and keys

  • Three USB thumbdrives (1GB, 2GB (BitLockered) and 32GB)

  • Small metal business card holder

  • Sharpie and blue pen

  • Tape measure

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