Friday, December 4, 2009

Omnibook BIOS Reset

A good friend gave me an old HP Omnibook of his, which was used by a former employee and he hadn't used it in well over a year. It turned out to have a BIOS password, which he didn't know.

I thought I was in for some laptop disassembly to remove the CMOS battery or change a jumper; perhaps even worse, to send it back to a repair depot for reset; but it was amazingly easy. 

All that had to be done was hold down the insert key while the system was booting to reset the BIOS back to default. Okay, I had to do this three times before it worked, but it worked.

Although I was relieved to be done with this in just a minute or two, making it this easy to do a reset completely invalidates the security afforded by having a BIOS password in the first place.

Anyhow, it is now happily running Fedora 11; which BTW required 515 updates for 1.6GB (and people complain about Windows updates).


  1. After the reset, what is the BIOS password for the HP Omnibook xe4100? Also, do you know how to get the administrator password?

  2. It just removed the password altogether on my system.
    And if you're looking to reset a Windows 2000/XP password, I've used WinKey with great success. I think it's at and it resets the password rather than reveals it. The latest version seems to support all versions of Windows. Hope that helps.