Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Linux too

Just back from a long a trip to Panama which was eventful yet fun.

On the first airplane leaving SFO I was watching the spinning hourglass on the entertainment screen in the seat in front of me. The captain then told us the system was experiencing some issues and they would be rebooting it.

So they did, three times. I snapped a pic on the second reboot. It finally started working, but a number of the games were broken and unplayable, plus the media (read mp3 player) was all but useless, since I had to manually advance the playlist after each song finished. By the end of the flight, the music stopped playing altogether.

I only bring this up because everyone seems to gloat and post pictures when a Windows system has to reboot in public. My point being, there isn't a perfect OS and there never will be as long as we humans do the programming. As soon as Skynet is active and creating the programs, it'll be better for all of us ;-)

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