Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wiping my Treo 700w

Just a few short days ago I bought a "new" phone. It was actually a purchase from Craigslist. My contract with Verizon is actually up tomorrow!!! After 10 years of locked in commitment, I'm done (at least until the next really great deal comes along :)

Changing to the new phone was a snap, I just called *228 and chose option 3 from the new phone. It was that easy to switch phones, and it didn't actually involve a real person (are they passing those savings on to us? (I think not.)

So now my Palm Treo 700w is on Craigslist. Of course my info needs to be gone, and that's simple to do as many sites show. I looked it up on the Michigan State Univ. site, so I'll give them the credit.

What's needed is a hard reset:
- Hold down the red power button while pushing in the reset button under the battery case lid. When it begin to reboot, it'll ask if you want to erase all your information. (Should you have an SD card, it will be left in tact.)

As for my choice of phone, I got a VX6800 running Windows Mobile 6.1 and I'm very happy with it; but that'll be another post...

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